Information on Property Management Phoenix

By Woodrow Trey
February 28, 2014

If you are looking for information on property management Phoenix, maybe this will help you. As far as a property management Phoenix firm goes, you want to find a company that is cost effective and who has been around for a number of years. The company should have a well trained staff, accountants, and maintenance technicians. Here are some of the things that they should offer.


The company should offer an advertising and marketing program. They should spend time on advertising their vacancies and find advertising providers that will put their advertisements at the top of their websites. Doing this will ensure that people will look at your vacancies and hopefully bring in prospective tenants. This can also help you have your property leased faster than other competitors.


The company should screen prospective tenants and the screening should include: income, credit, and criminals screens. You want the company to find tenants who will take care of your property and pay their rent on time. The company should have prospective tenants verify their income so that you can know that they can afford to pay their rent. The applicants should also have a credit and criminal background done on them.


The management should use a software system that does financial reporting and online accounting. This is nice because the property owners with online access can see what their financial statements are and see when money has come in and when disbursements have been made. It is nice to have access with the information you need as a property owner.


The company should have maintenance coordination. This is needed in case there is a problem with your property and repairs need to be made. There should be an in-house staff that does maintenance and a vendor that will get the repairs done in a timely manner and also save you money. The maintenance department should be be available every day of the year.


The management company should have a rent collections process. They should be on track with collecting rent from tenants in a timely manner. The tenants should know that they need to pay their rent on time. Once they have been turned in, the rent money should be disbursed to you in a timely manner through standard check or electronic direct deposit.


One more thing that the company should have is a eviction and possession service. If a tenant cannot pay his rent and doesn’t meet their rental obligation, the management team should evict the tenant as quickly as possible. The staff should know local and state Tenant and Landlord laws and follow those laws. The company should be able to handle the eviction process without your help if you don’t want to be bothered by it.


As for the types of homes that the management firm should be able to handle, they are single family homes, multi-plexes, town-homes, and multi-family units. They should know how to handle each type of property with ease.


For deciding on who determines rent for your property and how long it will take to rent it, maybe this will help you. For the rent of your property, usually what the market is like will determine how much you will get for your property. To find out how much the market is going for, a management firm can give you information on market rent rates. They can find that out but you can choose how much you would like it to be for. As for how long it will take to rent your property, it can take a short period of time. Properties that are priced at market rates and are market ready shouldn’t take very long. For those that are not ready to be on the market or priced to high, it could take a very long time.


So before you select any property management Phoenix firm, make sure you do your homework so that you find the best possible one out there. 

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    As usual, a fantastic post – keep going! I’m saying thanks from the thousands who enjoy my blog and don’t say anything about Phoenix property management!

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